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A Letter from The President

20 Mar 2020

We are postponing plans for our 6th Annual Meeting in Toronto for this Fall. The world has changed dramatically in the last week and it is impossible to predict when and how large in-person meetings can and should continue once this serious medical crisis passes.

These unfortunate circumstances may force us to deliver future programs in a virtual environment. We are working on this approach and will announce details if\when these opportunities become available.

There are many dental offices across Canada directly affected by this unprecedented health crisis. The coming weeks will be challenging for all of us. Please take good care of yourselves and your families. 

In the meantime, please follow the guidance of your Public Health Authority and do your part to end this crisis as soon as possible.



President & Founder 


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Because we believe the future of Dental Sleep Medicine in Canada is collaboration, the Canadian Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Disciplines is a made-in-Canada organization designed to build an interdisciplinary Canadian healthcare team dedicated to providing an efficient and effective treatment protocol for sleep breathing disorders. You support this effort through your membership fees and active participation in the CACSDD.

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