Presenters and Topics

Keynote Presenter

Gilles Lavigne, DMD, PhD
Presentation 1: Dentists Working in Sleep Medicine - Critical Issues
Presentation 2: Bruxism vs. SDB vs. TMD - Causes and Management

Distinguished Presenters

Jennifer Barr, MD: Cognitive Behavioural Techniques for Insomnia
Gerald Hollinger, MD: Portable Monitoring - The Role of Home Sleep Apnea Testing

Judith Leech, MDClinical Practice Parameters for Dental Sleep Medicine in Ontario - 2017 Update
Christopher Lettieri, MDReview of Oral Appliances for OSA with Literature and Guideline Reviews
Emily Lipinski, ND: Clinical Management of Weight Reduction in OSA
David Rawson, DDS: Bite Registration That (Really) Works

About the Conference

Creating a well-balanced healthcare team is the secret to treating Sleep Breathing Disorders, but it is also the biggest hurdle faced by practitioners.

Sleep Breathing Disorders play a powerful role of the overall health of patients. Competent Dental Sleep Medicine practitioners must be intimately aware of the connection between Sleep Breathing Disorders and the various body systems it affects. Only with that insight can Dental Sleep Medicine practitioners begin assembling their Ideal Clinical Sleep Team.

Be empowered to Create Your Ideal Clinical Sleep Team –
a team devoted to effective treatment of Sleep Breathing Disorders.

Continuing education credits will be offered through the Academy of General Dentistry.

Final Approval Pending

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The attendee/exhibitor will receive 50% of the registration fee if cancellation occurs prior to October 10, 2017 The attendee/exhibitor will receive 0% of the registration fee if cancellation occurs on or after October 10, 2017

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